2018-2019 Mini-Grants Total Nearly $15,000
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December 12, 2018
Kyrene Foundation Giving Initiatives
January 4, 2019

2018-2019 Mini-Grants Total Nearly $15,000

The Kyrene Foundation has supported over 28 Kyrene classrooms and two school-wide projects with mini-grants in the 2018-2019 school year totaling nearly $15,000.

Highlights from this year include:

School-Wide Grants
  • C.I. Waggonner: Teacher training to improve student engagement through cooperative learning strategies.
  • Estrella: Peace Bridge conflict resolution program to help students learn how to resolve conflicts peacefully.
Teacher Grants
Teacher(s) School Project
Brandi Mikesell, Katie Miceli, Karen Mion, Kyle Mikesell Akimel A-al School Composting Project
Amy Furman Aprende From Page to Stage
Gwen Holmesley Aprende Miniature Classroom Zoo
Julie Ullmann Colina Wireless Headphones for Classroom
Blanca Rivas, Colleen Gentry, Sonja Murphrey, Nikki Rignall Esperanza Celebrating Diversity through a Painted Rock Project
Lauren Scott KTA Marvelous Music Magic
Eli Hillis Lagos Trade books (novels)
Kathryn Childers Lagos Trade books (novels)
Lori Conroy Mariposa Duplo Building Blocks for STEM (Pre-school)
Megan Ting Mariposa Bloxels: The Building Blocks of Digital Age Learners
Jennifer Griffin Mariposa Gross-Motor Equipment (Preschool)
Rae Myasaki Mariposa Sensory Path
Jennifer Nelson Milenio Life Skills Field Trips
Jodi Pfeffer, Clare Perzan, Bethany Shevich, Kati Tamayo Ninos STEM Challenges
Vernice Powell Ninos Building Through Legos for a Bright Future
Vico Guerrero, Heidi Crouch, Cheryl Foster, Kim Grana Sierra The Power of a Drop

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