Where Everybody Belongs Program in Kyrene
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January 26, 2017
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Where Everybody Belongs Program in Kyrene

For most students, the transition from elementary to middle school is very difficult. Moving to a much larger school, going from a single teacher to six or more and adjusting to the social dynamics and the increased expectation for academic performance can result in distraction, anxiety, lack of motivation and even depression. Research shows that a significant drop in academic performance often occurs during the year of the transition due to the declination of academic motivation (Mullins, 2000).
The Kyrene Foundation in partnership with the Kyrene School District and grant supported by the Tempe Diablos are pleased to bring the WEB Program into Kyrene middle schools to address this concern.

The WEB program provides a structure, which guides 6th graders toward both academic and social success. WEB creates an environment where 6th graders learn that people at their new school care about them and their future by removing the culture of negativity toward 6th graders and replacing it with support and a sense of connection.

With WEB, students help students succeed by using members of the 8th grade class as WEB Leaders. These Leaders are extensively trained to be positive role models, motivators and teachers who guide the 6th graders to discover what it takes to be successful in middle school.
WEB is a yearlong orientation and transition program that has consistently made positive culture and climate changes throughout schools across the United States and Canada.

WEB is currently a daily and weekly part of school life at four of the six Kyrene middle schools: Centennial Middle School, Kyrene Middle School, Aprende Middle School and Akimel A-al Middle School. The Kyrene School District and Foundation are moving forward with the goal of all six middle schools in Kyrene becoming WEB schools by 2017-18 school year.

Check out some of the WEB happenings at our schools!

WEB Beginning of year from Kyrene Foundation.


WEB Video from Kyrene Foundation.